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When To Rekey And The Benefits Of Rekeying Your Locks

Whether you’re moving into a new home, concerned about security breaches, or just want to update your security, knowing when and why to rekey your locks is essential for homeowners, property managers, and security enthusiasts alike. Secure locks are your first line of defense against unwanted entry, and rekeying them can enhance your home’s security in a cost-effective manner.

When to Rekey Locks

Signs That It’s Time for a Change

You might not always think about the locks on your doors until something goes wrong, but several situations make rekeying an ideal decision:

  1. Moving into a New Home: You never know who might have a copy of your keys. Rekeying ensures you’re the only one with access.
  2. After a Break-In or Attempted Break-In: Enhancing your security after a breach is crucial to protect against future attempts.
  3. Lost or Stolen Keys: If your keys are lost, stolen, or unaccounted for, rekeying is a quicker and cheaper safety measure than replacing locks.
  4. Wear and Tear: Old locks might not need replacement but rekeying to ensure they function correctly without compromising security.

Rekeying vs. Lock Replacement

Rekeying and replacing locks serve the same purpose of enhancing security but differ in process and cost. Rekeying involves changing the mechanism inside the lock so it works with new keys, while replacement involves removing the entire lock and installing a new one. For most homeowners, rekeying is an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Benefits of Rekeying Locks

Enhanced Security Without the Cost

Rekeying provides the security of “new” locks without the need to purchase all new hardware, making it an economical choice for enhancing security.

Control Over Access

Rekeying allows you to reset who has access to your property, providing peace of mind in various scenarios, such as staff changes in a rental property or after lending out a spare key.

Peace of Mind

Especially for new homeowners or after a security scare, rekeying offers the reassurance that your locks are fresh and your home is secure.

How Rekeying Works

The Process

The rekeying process involves removing the lock cylinder and changing the pin configuration, so the old key no longer works while a new key does. A locksmith usually performs this in a short timeframe.

DIY vs. Professional Services

While rekeying kits are available for those looking for a DIY solution, hiring a professional ensures there are no compromises in your security due to improper installation or faulty rekeying.

Importance of Choosing a Trusted Locksmith

Selecting the Right Professional

When it comes to your home’s security, ensuring you choose a trusted, reputable locksmith is crucial. Look for licensed professionals with positive reviews and ideally, those who come recommended by people you trust.

Why Trust Matters

A skilled locksmith not only provides quality rekeying services but also offers advice on overall home security strategies. They can identify potential vulnerabilities and suggest enhancements to reinforce your safety measures.


Locks are vital for the safety and security of your home and family. Knowing when to rekey your locks and the benefits of doing so can save you time, money, and ensure peace of mind. Whether you’re moving in, updating your home’s security, or recovering from an unusual activity, rekeying is a practical and cost-effective solution.

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