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What’s Better: Lock Rekeying or Lock Replacement?

In the realm of home and property security, ensuring your locks are up to the task is paramount. Both homeowners and property managers are often faced with the decision of whether to rekey or replace their locks to maintain security levels. This decision can significantly impact not only the safety of a property but also the budget and convenience of lock maintenance. To make an informed choice, it’s essential to understand the advantages and specific scenarios suited for lock rekeying and replacement.

Lock Rekeying Explained

Lock rekeying involves changing the working key of the lock to a new one without replacing the entire lock mechanism. A locksmith will rearrange the pins and springs in the lock cylinder, allowing a new key to operate the lock while rendering the old one useless.

Advantages and Scenarios for Rekeying

Rekeying is typically less expensive than full lock replacement, as it utilizes the existing hardware. It’s an excellent choice in situations like:

  • After moving into a new home, to ensure no old keys are floating around.
  • If you’ve lost a copy of your keys and worry it may fall into the wrong hands.
  • When wanting to unify the key for multiple locks in your home.

Lock Replacement Explained

Lock replacement, as the name suggests, involves removing the entire lock (or locking mechanism) and installing a new one. This approach might be adopted due to wear and tear, outdated hardware, or for enhancing security features.

Advantages and Scenarios for Replacement

Choosing to replace locks might come with a higher price tag, but it offers the advantage of upgrading to newer, more secure locks, possibly with advanced features such as smart access. Scenarios where replacement is preferred include:

  • Upgrading to higher security locks following a burglary.
  • Replacing old, worn-out locks that might fail.
  • Installing smart locks for more convenient, keyless entry options.

Comparison of Rekeying vs. Replacement

When it comes to choosing between rekeying and replacing your locks, three main factors come into play: cost, time, and security.

  • Cost: Rekeying is generally more cost-effective as it involves fewer parts and less labor.
  • Time: Rekeying can be quicker, depending on the lock system in place. However, complex installations might take longer.
  • Security: Replacement might offer a security advantage, especially if upgrading to more sophisticated locking mechanisms.

Factors to Consider

Deciding whether to rekey or replace your locks doesn’t have to be complicated. Consider the following:

  • Budget: Determine what your budget allows for.
  • Security Needs: Evaluate whether your current locks meet your security requirements.
  • Condition of Current Locks: Assess the wear and age of your existing locks.

Case Studies

Real-life examples provide clarity on this topic. For instance, a property manager overseeing multiple units might opt to rekey locks between tenants to save costs and ensure security efficiently. Conversely, a homeowner who experienced a break-in might find peace of mind in replacing older locks with modern, high-security alternatives.


Ultimately, the choice between lock rekeying and replacement comes down to individual needs, preferences, and circumstances. Both methods offer viable solutions for enhancing the security of your property. Whether you’re leaning towards rekeying for efficiency and cost savings, or replacement for an upgrade in security features, the key (pun intended) is ensuring that your property remains a safe haven.

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